X30 World

The “X30 World” concept is based on the engine X30 125cc and it can be summarized in few words as “real Karting at hand”. Thanks to the characteristics of the engine of simplicity, immediate feeling, reliability, performance and ease of use, with the concept of X30 World, IAME offers a full program for Karting drivers from the year of their 13th birthday (with the correct MSA licence)  with an engine that can virtually accompany them

along the whole career. Since the very first introduction on the markets, the X30 has quickly and constantly grown, in the beginning as an engine dedicated to regional series, up to commercial classes promoted under the name of “X30 Challenge”, then introduced as Federative class by federations willing to replace the unsuccessful international classes and recently landed at international level with a European Challenge and an International Final usually held in central Europe. The success of the X30 categories, basically distinguished in X30 Junior, X30 Senior and X30 Master, comes from the stability and solidity of the engine and from IAME’s constant aim to provide

detailed regulations and low management costs of both the vehicle and the race meetings. In 2013 the X30 is present in more than 15 countries and beside the commercial classes, it can boast Federative classes run by the following ASNs:


FPAK – Portuguese Federation – IAME has been chosen as the main supplier of 5 out of 6 stock

categories of the Portuguese Championship, the X30 is the power unit of the JUNIOR and the X30



WKA – World Karting Association (USA) – the X30 has been recently approved for the TAG

SENIOR and TAG MASTERS classes and the PARILLA SENIOR class has been implemented with the option to race the X30 together with IAME Leopard.


FFSA – French Federation – IAME has been chosen as the supplier of the MINIME and CADET

categories. Beside the Puma, the X30 is the a very popular commercial class at regional level, with important events like the French National Final and the French Cup. The official French Championship is also scheduled for 2013.


RFEA – Spanish Federation – The X30 is raced as a Federative category in the Spanish Championship and the X30 JUNIOR class is raced at regional level in Catalunia.


ADAC – Germany – the X30 is recently been selected as the power unit of the X30 and X30 JUNIOR categories, expressively wanted by the ADAC to be raced in the ADAC MASTERS Championship and in the four ADAC regional series.


JAF – Japanese Federation – the X30 is an official Federative category and it is developed all over the country with many regional series.


RACB – Belgian Federation – the X30 is raced in the Belgian Championship in the X30 JUNIOR and X30 SENIOR classes and is also raced in the X30 CADET class at regional level.


ASS – Swiss Federation – the X30 engine has been recently chosen by the Auto Sport Suisse to create the IAME X30 stock class category, raced within the Swiss Championship and replacing the KF2.


Beside the above mentioned, the X30 is present in Peru’, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Denmark, Ukraine, Malaysia.


Our aim is to progressively promote the X30 classes at Club Level, setting the bases for the natural evolution into the “X30 Challenge UK”. Thanks to the simple concept of unique regulations for all countries, with only minor differences according to specific

national regulations, the best X30 drivers from UK will be eligible to race against their worldwide mates in the two international races promoted by IAME and without any modification to the equipment they race with in the UK.

The X30 project provides the drivers with real racing atmosphere, keeping in mind the original aspects that have always characterized Karting.