JM Racing’s showroom at PF International is now showing the full range of karts from Birelart and Charles Leclerc. Never before have you seen the Birelart range in such luxury offerings, with a new clothing range by Alpinestar also being available. Please feel free to call in and browse the collection




Now available the new 2021 Birelart / Charles Leclerc S12 Chassis


The brand new chassis shares the same platform as the Birelart S9T, making it ready for the ever expanding Mini X, Junior and Senior X30 classes.


  • New S12 factory frame
  • New 2021 Birelart / CL team decal kit
  • New K506 spoiler & Nassau Panel
  • New FL Steering column & support
  • New 340mm Steering wheel
  • New Adjustable steering height
  • New Pedal mounting point

The List price on the chassis is £3095.00 + VAT with only option of a Tillett seat, New Freeline ART wheels. Also on show is the latest Birelart C28M and the B25 Bambino Birelart, CL and Kubica model. Plus the World Championship winning KZ model.


Dealer enquiries are welcome

Available now from stock January 2021

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